Playable Cards In this format!

The Pokemon TCG is an everchanging game, where innovative deckbuilding is key! Here are Four powerful Pokemon V that you should consider building a deck around!

Zacian V

Wow, this card is insanley good! An ability that lets you draw three cards and attach any energy you find there to Zacian. As well as an attack that deals 230 Damage for just 3 energy! Most Pokemon VMAX can’t even hit for those numbers and you even have Metal Saucer to accelerate the energy!


Victini V

 Victini V is a versatile card which should be a consideration for all fire type decks! ‘Spreading Flames’ can help you get set up in the early game and allows high energy attackers become viable, especially when combined with welder! ‘Energy Burst’ helps deal massive damage if your opponent gets too greedy with their energy attachments!

Stonejourner VMAX

As soon as Darkness Ablaze drops, Fighting Pokemon will become more and more prevalent in the format! Stonejourner VMAX is the Pokemon V that expect to be at the forefront as it can tank damage, heal and deal big damage for a reasonable energy cost. 


Boltund V

I underestimated just how good Boltund really is! Doing 30 extra damage for every lightning energy on the field is actually incredibly good, especially when you remember that Pikachu & Zekrom GX can accelerate 3 energy whilst dealing 150 Damage with it’s full blitz attack. Dealing 300 Damage for just 2 energy really is a possibility with Boltund V!

Any Questions?

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