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Social Distancing – How to still enjoy the Pokemon TCG

With the effects of Covid-19 cancelling events all around the world, I decided it's time to write about how you can still play, practice and improve your game. If you cannot compete at Pokemon League, how can you expect to become a better and more experienced player?...

Will Ultra Beasts Return To The Pokemon TCG?

Ultra Beasts? The Sun and Moon block is over and Sword & Shield Cards are already here! GX cards are no longer being printed and are replaced with incredibly strong V-cards. (Tee Hee) However, another card type looks to not be getting any new additions in the

The 2020 Pokemon TCG Rotation: My Predictions

The 2020 Pokemon TCG Rotation may be the most difficult yet to predict! As all Play Pokemon events in 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid-19 meaning the Ultra Prism to Sword and Shield Standard format has been abandoned! The biggest question on many players minds is...

tOP tECHS IN this format

Here are my top 4 tech cards in the game at the moment. With Quick Ball in the standard format at the moment, single tech Pokemon have never been easier to fit in your deck and find when you need them!

Absol - TEU 088/181

Have you ever heard of the Jirachi from Team Up? It’s in almost every viable deck at the moment as it’s one of the greatest consistency cards we’ve ever had! Absol makes retreating a Jirachi after it’s used  its Stellar Wish ability slightly more difficult!



Mimikyu - GRI 058/145

Doing 220 damage with a single prize pokemon is really efficient! Mimikyu can accomplish this by using copycat against a Zacian V, as Mimikyu is only giving up a single prize, your opponent has the task of having to gust around it!



Phione - CEC 057/236

Do you hate stall? Do you hate Obstagoon? Both of them hate this card! Although your opponent gains the choice of what they switch in, Phione can remove effects of attacks and Pokedolls from the active. It even prevents you from decking out as it moves to the bottom of your deck after it uses this ability! (This has saved me countless times with Blacephalon!)

Scoop Up Net - RBC 165/192

Tired of flipping tails on Super Scoop Up? Scoop Up Net doesn’t even require a coin flip! When paired with any non- GX abilities like Galarian Zigzagoon and the two Standard Legal Giratinas, this card gives you many extra uses of these abilities and even saves you bench space. Stellar Wish Jirachi can even use this card to switch and reuse it’s ability!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, the best way to get ahold of me is through my Instagram. However, you can contact me through this form if you would prefer and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!