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When the Adidas Prophere first came out, I wasn’t too sure how to feel. I loved the weird shaped chunky midsoles, the interesting colourways, However, the absence of BOOST Technology, although showing Adidas breaking the mould, made me think was the £90 price tag worth it? However, I ended up grabbing my first pair of Core Black / FTWR White Prophere runners when had the Friends & Family promotion running. Since the Prophere has now grown on me, I am going to talk about why the Adidas Prophere is my most worn crep at the moment!
The Adidas Prophere was launched towards the end of 2017 and featured a plump profile. It displays an adaptive upper with easy on and off technology. Adidas have executed almost the same style as from the 90s but with entirely new and stylish design. As previously mentioned, Adidas used PU chunky midsole instead of their more popular BOOST Technology; therefore, giving rise to the more massive yet more unique sneaker!
The Prophere, by itself, is a very disruptive sneaker. The silhouette, even in the plainer Black/White colourway, will grab attention because of the uneven, dotted, and chunky midsole and the giant three stripe bar straps. My Propheres are pretty tame compared to some of the other colourways. For example, the “Rogue” colourway takes it to a weirder level of weird. The Prophere Rogue has a bleached upper canvas with shades of black, grey, and violet and if that’s not jazzy enough for you, Adidas added incredibly loud bright orange accents that cut across the midsole and the centre of the upper near the laces. There are plenty more weird and wonderful colourways and even a Dragon Ball Z collaboration, which can be found on the Adidas website!
Focusing more on the designs, there’s an oversized leather ankle guard behind… the ankle! While stylising the shoe and making it pleasant to look at, this is actually rather annoying because it makes it more difficult to stretch back. Especially if you happen to spend your week working in an office like yours truly! Because of this many people suggest that if you’re a tight fit for your size, you should consider going up a half size up for the Prophere. However, I have found that they fit very big for your size, so I don’t think this is a problem.

The Prophere has changed the way I dress. Since buying the shoes, I have started wearing skinny fitting joggers for most occasions for the comfort and style that the two provide. These are also a perfect British winter shoe both the outsole and midsole are black PU making them resistant to puddles and wet leaves as the dirt can be merely wiped off!

If you wish for a pair of kicks that will grab attention, stand out and be able to stay clean out and about, the Prophere is for you. If you are looking for something more focused on comfort and practicality, go for another product such as Adidas’ NMDs. I will definitely be taking these trainers up to Leeds when I visit later this month!