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The Black Friday weekend was very epic indeed. I did a bit of travelling around the country to see all my uni friends and get ahead of my Christmas shopping. Starting with a big night out in Cardiff with my ex-school buddies. That night itself already made the weekend! However, the next night was the one I had been waiting on for around a year, I finally got to hear EDEN play live in Leeds and that’s what I will be writing about here!

 I was fortunate to get ahold of two VIP tickets to the show which meant I was able to get a special lanyard, posters and early access to the show! So I invited my best festival friend, and logo designer Jacob Deakin (who happened to be in Leeds already) to go with me and stayed with a work friends accommodation. Coming from Cardiff to Leeds in a day wasn’t ideal, but it had to be done for this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet one of my favourite vocal artists and listen to the songs in real life!

 If you haven’t heard of EDEN, you are missing out. Jonathon Ng was born on the 23 December 1995. He is an Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and occasional model. He was once known as The Eden Project but dropped to just ‘EDEN’ in 2015. Ng’s work as EDEN saw him venturing into a more indie pop genre. However, Jon creates whatever he feels like, not worrying about the style which is what I think makes him so interesting. Why not listen to some of what I believe is his best work? My top 3 EDEN songs are:

1: Icarus
2: Scribble (With Puppet)
3: Gold

So I also got to meet EDEN to which was the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of most things. Jake had never seen or heard of EDEN apart from one of his songs titled ‘XO’ So the fact that he got to meet him was funny in and of itself. What made it even better is what we decided to do when we met him! I had Deaks draw a picture of Jon while we were waiting in the queue, just to keep us entertained as the line was surprisingly long. However, we decided we’d be the last ones in the VIP queue and go out with a bang and give him this beautiful drawing! I still can’t believe it, but I also said to one of my favourite artists. “My Wife left me, so this guy (Deaks) is my wife for the night”! We had our beautiful photo taken before heading out to the stage, by this point bursting out in laughter!

The show itself was magical, the lighting was amazing and made the show! I tried to capture the amazing lighting below! The intro track ‘Wrong’ was so good when I listen to it at home; it reminds me of the concert and the experience. There were a couple of unreleased tracks shown, which sounded terrific too, but besides that, there isn’t that much else to talk about. The supporting act Au/Ra was brilliant too, I’d never heard of her, or her music before the concert and I was mostly impressed! (The Drake/Fortnite song was a big no!) I’ve been listening to ‘Panic Room’ and ‘Outlaws’at work from time to time too. 

Merch Time! Spoiler alert, I bought nearly everything! The quality of the merch was disappointing considering the price I paid for them, it felt quite thin, but they were limited edition, so I thought that I had to buy them. The merch I had seen advertised seemed rather simplistic and I was pleased to see that the designs this year were more varied and colourful! I’ll show you the best of what I bought.




The first thing I bought was a pink tee with a blue graphic print of EDEN on stage. This design stood out to me as it was the only item of clothing that wasn’t printed on a black background and by looking at the website you can obviously see that my main colour is pink! Blue is one of my top colours as well and although bright blue and pink don’t go together particularly well, I wear it religiously because it’s EDEN merch! I tend to wear this with an all-black outfit as the t-shirt is so bright wearing it with anything else is risky business. Saying that light-wash denim jeans also look good, giving the outfit a pastel look and when the blue print of the t-shirt starts fading, the pastel look will be stronger!