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Living in the UK, darker coloured shoes are a necessity for general wear. On average it rains for 156.2 days per year meaning this means that your average pair of white-soled shoes doesn’t stand a chance of staying white for longer than a day! Black shoes are much easier to clean and can look great with most outfits. One of my personal favourite sneakers that I wear or could be wearing with 90% of my outfits are Kanye West’s Yeezy Powerphase trainers.

When the Powerphase was initially released, I wasn’t the biggest fan. Firstly, they look very similar to the Reebok Classics sneakers with the layered foam midsole. Secondly, I thought the price was too high at £90 when similar styled Adidas trainers, like Stan Smiths retail for around £70 and can be found on websites like Depop for so much cheaper. I had also just purchased another pair of Adidas Propheres, so I wasn’t planning on buying these. However, helping one of my friends pack up their university gear, I was offered one of the two pairs he had bought on release day for a reduced price, I accepted his offer, and I’m so glad that I did because these are by far my favourite shoes to wear out and about and go with almost everything due to how simple they are!

The quality of the shoes are fantastic, I have been wearing these for around 4 months now and there were no visible creases on any of the upper structure of the shoe. Which I am shocked at considering I have worn these on countless pub trips and nights out with friends. Since writing the original draft of this article, the shoes have taken a big beating following a Christmas Eve night out. However, I will be sure to let you know how successful I am at wiping the thick layers of mud off of them. The leather is also very easy to clean and maintain. I mostly just use my finger to wipe dry dirt off the leather parts of the shoe!

These shoes are also very comfy, which is again surprising considering that the shoes don’t feature Boost technology like most of the Yeezy collection. You can wear these trainers with basically anything. I have worn them to college, on nights out and even to interviews! They are hyped sneakers, but at the same time, they are very subtle. I have found that many people do not actually realise that they are in fact part of the Yeezy family of shoes! The style literally goes with anything. However, I enjoy wearing these shoes with black jeans and a flannel shirt because of the simplicity of the look. The core black colour is more of a dark grey, this means that the shoes will stand out from black jeans as the colours won’t be the same.  I even wore these shoes to my current job’s interview when I first started and still looked smart and presentable!

Even though these trainers are around a year old now and don’t look to be getting a re-release I would definitely recommend getting a pair as they are a generic, yet weird unique style that won’t go out of fashion, not to mention a very subtle flex!

I will be cleaning these beauties ASAP stay tuned for my progress!