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As a long time follower of the Canadian music group Monstercat, I have accumulated lots of Monstercat merch over the years. Although it was mostly as a poor teenager, I have continued wearing my merch and adding to my collection over the years. I have even added the Monstercat bottle opener and plushie to this collection! Today I’m going to write about the products I have, I’ve had and why I respect the Monstercat brand and label so much.

The first piece of Monstercat merch I ever bought was the Monstercat Wanderlust Graphic Tee, and this print looked so amazing that my 13-year-old self actually paid for this one with my hard earned cash and when it arrived it was favourite t-shirt which I wore to every occasion. This included school, hikes and camps. Unfortunately, this tee has mysteriously disappeared! I now haven’t seen it for over a year! I will have to use a stock image for now, but one day I hope to find a replacement for this one online!.


A black Railtown Tee was next in line. This t-shirt is the bomb! I have probably worn this more than any tee I have ever owned! The material is thin, high quality and the inner label has the washing instruction that I find hilarious! (Which read something along the lines of “Wash well, Listen to Monstercat”) The print on the tee is just about starting to crack, but this product isn’t produced any longer so I will still be wearing this product out occasionally when I want to be a walking advertisement for the brand! (Which I don’t mind doing!).


The following Christmas I received a collection of artist merch from Monstercat. This collection included the MonsterKit t-shirt, which although I currently use as pyjamas, is one of my favourite designs. I wanted a new t-shirt with a simplistic Monstercat design that just like my Yeezy Powerphases, I could wear with anything. That’s what this t-shirt does. Everything! Another design that will sadly never be reprinted!

This year I ordered two pieces of instinct merch in the Monstercat Black Friday Sale! These were the Instinct 02 Risograph T-Shirt & Instinct 01 Cross Contour Orange Hooded Sweatshirt! The first and second Instinct collections were utterly different from each other. The hoodie from 01 was great and simple and in my opinion, the best merch that they have created to date. Whereas with the 02 collection they created more detailed prints, which may have been to keep the instinct merch fresh for fans, but I wasn’t as impressed.

The Orange 01 hoodie, despite the bright colour pairs so well everything. Black skinnies, tracksuit bottoms or even ripped jeans! As a result, the hoodie is by far my favourite lightweight hoodie in my collection at the moment.

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Risograph Tee, it was my favourite instinct tee they were currently stocking! It does go with black jeans as well as my Levi’s denim jacket or blue zip-up hoodie. However, that’s about it, as cool as the instinct panther looks for an Instinct album cover, I feel it doesn’t translate to merch and fashion quite as well as the Uncaged mascot!



So why do I have more Monstercat merch than any other brand of clothing? I have been following the group religiously since December 16th 2014 (Wow just over four years ago, WHAT!) waiting eagerly for every release. The song that first bought me to the label was the famous “Flight” by Tristam and I still checking daily for the latest release which today (15th Jan 2019) is Cloudnone’s beautiful chillout track “Blue To Blue“.

The community is amazing too, the Monstercat Podcast used to be my favourite place to hang out and chat with friends who have the same hype for new music as you! Plus I frequently get messages back from my favourite artist, such as WRLD, Laszlo, newcomers Pixel Terror and yet again Cloudnone! Laszlo’s song “Airglow” is also the basis of my steam username and the Alias I have created for the website.


I want to thank Monstercat for always being around for me through school, college and work. It’s been awesome meeting more and more local people recently who have heard of this Canadian label that is growing so fast! My dream used to be to one day work in the Monstercat office in Vancouver and I used to stalk the job section daily to see what I would need to do to follow my dream! Although I’m settled and have two jobs at the moment, I really hope that one day I will be able to work with this amazing group of musicians, graphic designers and everyone else in the team!

Thanks for the last 4 years of good times

Airglow 🙂