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Just wanted to create a short friendly post this time instead of an essay!

 January 2019 has been a month of recovering from Christmas illness, getting back into the flow of work and starting back at the gym! I already have a premium Adidas running kit, so this didn’t need replacing. However, my Ultraboost STs have been hurting my feet whilst using the running machines at my gym and I decided an upgrade was needed! My previous running shoes were Ultra Boost STs, designed for cross country running so this time I wanted some regular Ultraboosts

I was planning on buying a brand new pair in order to have “Fresh Start” to the year. However, Depop won my purchase again and I ended up buying these Adidas Ultraboost Parley runners for £40 instead! I have been able to get back up to straight 40 minute runs again!

My brother bought a pair of Triple Black Ultra Boost 4.0s during the January sales (They were three times the price at £120!) so I thought I’d show these off below too!

The triple blacks definitely look better in my opinion. However, if you are going to trash them by running in them regularly, cheaper is better than a fancy colour, besides they are still wearable in public! Why not check out Depop Ultraboost searches I have linked in order to save some money to start the new year off right? 

Hope you reach all of your fitness goals this year and enjoy these quick photos and edits I have created below!