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Many of you have probably picked up that I am a rather big fan of being different and having your own different styles and quirks. Although I very much enjoy wearing my branded products and merch. I am also a very big fan of supporting rising talents in the form of small brands. I came across the Grens brand on my favourite bargain online shopping site, Depop and it really stood out to me amongst all other rising labels due to the way that the brand had included the titles of each of the original t-shirts in a stylised font on their page. Pretty epic!

I purchased the ‘Grens multi logo joggers’ towards the end of last year. The simple, yet colourful, embroidered design of the product had me sold. These joggers go with basically anything due to the design of them and are incredibly comfy.  I end up wearing them to work all the time. Actually, to be honest, I’m wearing them now, I basically just wear them all the time, no matter where I am.

So why is this article titled things that are aesthetic? Back when I went to Leeds I purchased this white Fila t-shirt with a multicoloured logo on the front, the craziest thing is that the colours on this t-shirt are actually the exact colours used on the Grens joggers! (The t-shirt does have a green section too but shhh… It’s basically the same!)

My current favourite out-there outfit consists of

A Fila Tee Shirt (£15) New

The Grens Multi Logo Joggers (£33) New

My Adidas Prophere Black/White Runners (£65) Outlet Sale

Perhaps the Grens brand will create a black zip hoodie with the same design to complete my outfit for the winter? Mind you that is nearly over now haha!

I’m really looking forward to seeing which direction the Grens brand takes to expand its growth and what interesting, creative designs they can create and am aiming to be working with the brand again in the near future!

This is Airglow signing out!