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Here’s a quick little review of the Nike Huaraches!

Quick confession, I don’t currently own a pair of these! I have however been searching Depop weekly far and wide for a new pair at the right price. The Huaraches were released in 1991 and were originally designed by Tinker Hatfield. The style was amazing then and is still kicking now! However, as eye-catching as the bright colourways are, The triple black’s have definitely won the favour of me and many others.

You can pick up a pair of these for as little as £20 from some Depop sellers, making them an excellent shoe if you are on a budget. However, the real selling point of these trainers is the retro style that hasn’t really been touched or redesigned since the creation of the shoe. I think I’ll be wearing these ones with my pink ‘S logo’ Supreme oversize hoodie as well as the classic black spray on jeans. Going full retro and wearing them with vintage hoodies is a great look too!

 Airglow <3