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On the 2nd of March, I was incredibly privileged to be able to meet one of my favourite EDM producers, San Holo! Travelling with my good friend Divine Line Designs, we were both lucky enough to get VIP tickets for the Album 1 show in London and we both couldn’t wait. Unfortunately, our train was cancelled which spooked us both pretty hard! However, with a bit of speedy driving from the parents, we were able to get to the next station where the train changed and continue our journey as planned!


Many followers of the Airglow Instagram will be fully aware of the beautifully made “Subscribe To Pewdiepie” sign that I create for the trip. To many people it may seem very random, but have you ever seen them stood side by side? Didn’t think so! He’s is collaborating on a new track with Pewds so perhaps that’s my theory busted!


Unlike meeting Eden, meeting Sander was like meeting a family friend! It was a very different, but a very nice experience just talking about general topics and asking questions about the concert as friends would! I then proceeded to tell him about this pretty small Youtuber known as Pewdiepie and how we need to help him beat another channel known as T-series by promoting his channel in any way we can to keep youtube from being overtaken by corporations! I’m so glad that I did, it is probably like my favourite image in the world!

The concert itself was amazing too! Many of the songs I know him for were played. “Light”, “I Still See Your Face” and my personal favourite, “They just haven’t seen it” which I had a proper boogie to! I have placed links to the artist’s releases for you to have a listen, I would imagine you’ll enjoy his gems as much as me! Sander is also an absolute bro, support him on his socials and he may even follow you back. I’m happy to tell you that Airglow Accumulation is San Holo approved! See for yourself!

Now I just need Duumu and Duskus to follow me <3


Taska Black and Jack Francis were also supporting acts, but I plan on reviewing their sets in a later post! (Music & Merch 3.5)


 Anyway, I should probably talk about the merch! With the Vip pass, I was able to get ahold of the Mr.Flaps VIP t-shirt it’s Orange, beautiful and way too big…

Yup, the medium sizes all sold out so I was stuck with a large. The man himself has the orange and black style figured out! The large sizing actually creates some pretty funky styles! The orange Adidas “Adibreak” pooper pants and Nike React Element 87’s that I bought for the event worked amazingly and makes me wonder why I didn’t make an orange aesthetic for this website instead! I also wear it under my Monstercat Instinct Hoodie I talked about in the past, it’s orange, the tee is orange, obvious synergy, right?


Thank You San Holo for the meet and greet experience, it was amazing to meet you and all of the beautiful birbs in the community and I hope the opportunity arises again real soon!

Special thank yous to Divine Line Designs for putting up with my travelling fears and to Alex for buying me expensive pints if I found a pen for Duumu to sign his flag! Weird moments like this are what makes events like this so amazing and memorable!

That’s all from me, have a nice life

Airglow x