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Everyone loves charity shops, right? If you don’t, start loving them now! I have found so many beautiful bargains hidden in these shops. I have also made some great profits in the past buying retro styled clothing from charity shops and selling them on as vintage clothes on platforms like Depop! Which you can easily do too!  In this series, I plan to write about a few of the great products that I have found in my local charity shops and hopefully inspire you to take a look around yours too! (Seriously it’s SO worth it!)

Cop 1.1: Virgin Territory T-shirt
By far the best t-shirt purchase I have ever made goes to this Virgin Holidays t-shirt that I found in a local antique shop named Memory Lane. (Yes, I know that this isn’t a charity shop, but shhh, I’m counting it!) This shop sells a fair few vintage branded clothes, although unfortunately, I feel like they price many of their items far too high! Usually, their stock remains in the shop for quite some time unless they decide to reduce the price to get rid of it. However, this t-shirt was a great exception. I picked it up for just £7! I bought this just when I was starting to actually care about what I was wearing as opposed to what was cheapest. I love the high neckline, especially in winter, as it’s not very common and makes this t-shirt more unique then it already is! I search on eBay and Depop from time to time, and I haven’t been able to find this tee or anything like it anywhere! This is why I love it oh so much.
It goes with anything really, the blue and orange are bright but work together. However, I don’t tend to wear this with anything other than some black skinnies. (which is what I wear most of the time, to be honest) The only problem I have with this t-shirt is wearing it under anything. The neckline is very high which means that it sticks out over any jumper that isn’t a turtleneck. (Of which I don’t currently own!) If I do need to wear something over the top, I usually wear a blue zip hoodie so that the blue of the t-shirt doesn’t look too out of place.
Conclusion: Best t-shirt, very different good price. One of my best charity cops.

Cop 1.2: Stan Smith OG’s
Living in a small town that has multiple charity shops is a pretty good thing, especially when one of them takes in all of a NEXT stores ex-display and stock they cannot shift. This pair of Stan Smiths had been in the window for quite some time. They were initially priced at £27, which was a reasonable price to start off with for a pair of white shoes that were actually still white. The price was lowered to £20, but I still didn’t think I wanted  them for that price. However, when the price fell again to £11, I thought these would be perfect for selling on Depop. I didn’t know what size they were either until I went in to buy them and Oh Darn, they said they were UK size 8.5. (I am size 9)
However, when I got home and tried them on, turned out they fitted perfectly! I wore them to college the next day! These were the first pair of entirely white shoes I had bought for quite a while, and I didn’t think that I would like them too much! However, even though I planned to sell them, I still wear them occasionally! They do work very well with, again, black jeans as they stand out! I usually slightly roll up my jeans and wear invisible trainer socks, showing off some of my luscious summer tan. (Not at this time of year though) This creates a slight divide between the black and white and I guarantee will cause random passers-by to look at your shoes. I sure a more hyped pair of white sneakers would have the same effect, but are they paying £11 for a pair of shoes? I’m not so sure.
Conclusion: Very Clean, Cheap Dream. Best Shoe cops so far!

Charity shops can be a goldmine for online resellers. However, it really is down to chance. One day you can find nothing, then suddenly the next day there are bargains galore as your local shops have had a delivery from another store. I think I am somewhat lucky to live in an area with many great charity shops in driving distance and some even in walking distance!