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Working in an office 5 days a week can sometimes get you down.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my work but sometimes I just need to get outside and active! My campervan (Pyone) is perfect for this as it allows me to basically go wherever I want whenever I want. Last weekend I decided to take a trip to a Welsh tourist trap known as Devil’s Bridge to go hiking with a longtime friend! My readers have never really known much about Pyone and why she is the best van known to man so I thought I would educate everyone about that and also talk about some ‘Hype’ gear that I also love to take hiking and camping too!

Why is Pyone the best weeb van?

  • She is 27 years old and has an electric pop-up roof making setting up and putting away a bliss!
  • Lesuire battery makes sure that your phone and Bluetooth speaker have plenty of charge!
  • Sleep 4 peeps (2 in a straight way)
  • Aircon in the bottom bed and drivers seats
  • Tinted glass windows if you’re trying to strip in the van
  • Electric blinds for literally no reason
  • Loads of storage (including under seat storage where I keep all the bevvies 😉

In conclusion, my super old van can keep up with the expensive new ones!

In other news the SS18 Supreme rucksack is great for hiking and I imagine I’m the only person who uses it as a hiking bag!

It’s straps are super strong, it has loads of pockets and can hold two water bottles. When I ventured to Leeds to see EDEN, I even tied my sleeping bag to the back of it for basically the whole weekend and it stood up to the beating suprisingly well! Plus I looked pretty good I guess…

Actually come to think of it, I took this to London to see SAN HOLO too! Perhaps this bag is more reliable than my van!

I am actually think of buying a new Supreme bag for this summer due to the fact that I’ve had this one since release. Even though it looks good with everything due to the colour it’s good to mix it up now and again.


Speaking of looking good with everything, meet my Monster Diamond Tears. They may look rather flashy (and that’s probably because they are) and just a pair of headphones designed for the aesthetic. However, these headphones, in my opinion, have the greatest sound quality known to humankind! 

I love these headphones so much that I now have a second pair of these headphones in a different colourway that I use as a gaming headset! The quality of sound is unmatchable!

It’s a shame these headphones are so hard to find nowadays, so many people don’t know what they are missing out on!

I use these headphones camping as I way to escape the noise of any campsites I am staying on. Even in the van it’s normally noisy!

In conclusion, this article had not much of a purpose other than to tell you all I have a van and I love it! If you are looking to get into van camping and are old enough and legal enough to drive. A Mazda Bongo is the way to go. Cheap, reliable and most importantly, the weirdest of flexes.