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My name is Airglow and looking around online for content this week, I’m a little ticked of. GQ magazine has posted an article titled, “22 wardrobe essentials every man needs” and it’s not great and very linear! So I thought to myself I’ll have a go at this malarkey myself. So today I bring you ‘Airglow’s Summer Essentials’ for any dude wanting to look good but not the same as every other lad in Brexit country! I can’t promise it will be great and I defo didn’t write this at 3am, but here it is anyway!

The link to the original post is if you want to read the original for yourself!

1. A good selection of pants and socks

As Tom Ford famously said, you should change up all of your pants and socks every six months. Well as much as it pains me to admit it and I do regularly add to my collection, I very rarely take away from it. Sorry GQ, if I really do have to change them every month I’ll be buying my pants from Primark and H&M because at the moment ya boi’s broke!

2. A couple of white T-shirts

Some good advice this time actually. But, if everyone had the same white tee, don’t you think it would be a bit of a “colourless” look? This is why I have never owned a plain white tee shirt, even if it’s just a small print or patch it adds so much to the uniqueness of your look!

3. A selection of black T-shirts

Black t-shirts are less common for summer due to the fact that they look quite daft with shorts. However, if you like a night out like me you’ll probably want a new dark coloured tee for each night out! (Black tees and shorts can work tbh, but it is more of a ‘Dad look’)

4. A white grandad shirt

Not quite sure what to think about this tbh, on the one hand, it’s one of my favourite family holiday abroad looks, perfect for the sun! On the other hand, crumpets country doesn’t have the same whether as these exotic lands so if you are staying over here you could probably give this a pass.

5. A denim sherpa jacket

What the heck does sherpa even mean? They suggest that the best shearling-lined denim jackets on the market is found at Levi’s. But my real question is WHO THE CRACK WEARS THESE IN THE SUMMER? They try and explain it, but it’s a no from me I’m afraid. As a proud owner of a Levis jacket, it’s far too warm to wear any time of the year at all let alone summer!

6. Many pairs of black slim-fit jeans

As my colleague, Rob would say, “Yes Please!”

Legit just buy them from Topshop in a sale or from depop because they are super cheap and look good for a while… And then you just replace them!


7. A grey-marl sweatshirt

A preppy, mottled grey loopback sweatshirt is an off-duty essential. No, unless your a posh chappo just wear a normal sweater on your nights out!

8. A pair of white (or purple) tennis shoes

Pub-friendly, work-suitable and as comfortable as a pair of socks, I agree with this yes. However, you’ll need at least 10 to keep the variety! This is coming from the man who wears Yeezy Powerphases with a shirt!

Got to 8 points, that’s far enough wardrobe help for you and I’m done, off to Manchester this weekend and man’s gotta pack!

Airglow xo