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Hi guys!

On Sunday 2nd June at 8 pm (UK Time) I am going to be running a stream on the Airglow Instagram page with Jacob Deakin (Don’t Poke The Bear) it will be my first time streaming on the platform and I’m in gratitude to him for agreeing to help me out!

Not only that, but he agreed to also write some content for the blog!
So here’s JD’s origin story…


My Design Style – By Jacob Deakin

First off, a little bit about me, my name is Jacob Deakin creator of the ‘Don’t Poke the Bear store’, which is a
Streetwear/ Skate style designer brand. Recently I have had this work sent off to Tokyo to be exhibited,
the work is also on display in my local area at the ‘Mid Wales Art Centre’. Currently, I’m a Graphic Design student as well as a Freelance Graphic Artist dedicated to making arty nonsense and drinking cups of tea!

My design work is a mix of mediums combined into a digital collage.
To begin with, I create a series of collages from bits of newspapers and magazines, basically anything that I find interesting that happens to be in view. This may make the brand inconsistant, but I believe that it keeps it fresh and interesting!
After this, I create a type of print called a Woodcut by carving pieces of artwork into flat sheets of wood. I begin inking them up and making prints from them!
As part of my student work, I do a lot of Street Photography on a mixture of digital and film cameras and use images from that in my college work.

Next there’s the production process.

Once I have a hefty collection of visual material, I scan it all into my computer and bring it all together in Adobe Photoshop using a mixture of tools to make the work feel visually consistent. At this point, all the work is in black and white and this is because I believe its the best way to create separate ideas and elements think together.
I finish the process by hand, colouring the images to give it a refreshing grungy feel.
Once all of this is done, it is then ready to be used as a Gallery exhibit. However, some designs are also used for ‘Don’t Poke The Bear’ Products!

Thank You Jacob, Very Cool.

Want to support the Deak’s amazing work? The best place to do that is his Online Store, which you should totally check out! It’s Epic!

Airglow Out 🙂