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Hangar, London Fields, my favourite event so far!

Visiting London on the second of March was insane! I got to meet San Holo in real life, who is not only my favourite pewdiepie lookalike but also a powerhouse at creating electronic tunes. I already wrote about San in a previous post though, this time I’m focusing on the supports who bulked out the show!

Taska Black and Duskus were these supporting acts and one of my top Monstercat artists, Duumu was also in the audience (which was actually the deciding factor to me buying a VIP ticket to meet San too) I wanted to write about this event in my life for so long (2 months) but I have finally got around to doing it now!


Duumu (Charlie Kurata) is a French musician, who grabbed my attention with Illuminate EP, which he released on Monstercat in April 2017. As soon as he announced via Instagram he would be visiting the London show, I knew this would be one of the best shows of my life! So far this is very true.

Why I adore him

Reusing the “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” (which also had Duumu’s old logo on the reverse) I located the very tall man and got my photo. Mission Complete! He was an incredibly sound and friendly dude which translated to me binge listening to his music even more. We even DM each other on Instagram from time to time which is very epic!

My man has announced an EP release in the near future which I cannot wait to have the privilege of hearing! Be sure to add this chaps Instagram for updates on that! Alternatively, you can listen to his entire discography here!

Taska Black

Taska Black (Joachim Gorrebeeck) who I discovered from his release “Losing Our Minds” was also in London. I appreciated a supporter that I had heard of before, but I wasn’t going to London buzzing for his set particularly. However, as soon as his set started my expectations instantly changed! His performance was truly epic. Playing bomb tracks like ‘We Would Never Do‘ as well as some tracks from Droeloe and surprisingly Duumu too! (I asked Duumu what it was like to have someone play your tune, to which he replied, “Strange”!)

Although I didn’t get to speak to Taska, I did see him setting up whilst meeting San! I also did buy his merch because the set was so epic and it was the most wearable t-shirt on sale! You can see it in my San Holo Post as well as on the Instagram!

In Conclusion

This show was so great, I met some amazing guys and gals their, some of which I’m going to further concerts and festivals with this summer! I can’t wait to see San & Taska again this summer at SW4! I’m sure I’ll get plenty of photos as well as find something to ramble on about!