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Do you like your trainers big and chunky?

Are you a fan of “Thicc Boys” at the moment? The sneaker world sure is! Where consumers used to want subtle and small, they now are chasing clunky colourful footwear. Shoes that faded out in the ‘90s are back and some of the most desirable creps on the market. (Especially if they are in good nick!) Everyone really loves  thicc boys!

I’ve been researching the rise of the thicc sneaker trend, what we know about this look, and what we can learn from social trends in general.

What is this big shoe trend anyway?

 Have you noticed larger, more retro-styled shoes lately? If you follow any influencer or fashion brand you most likely have. Chunky (Thicc) sneakers are now a must-cop item for anyone caring about what they are seen wearing!

Known by many names – chunky sneakers, ugly sneakers, turbo trainers or as I dub them, “Thicc Boys”. This style of footwear is enjoying a new lease of life moment. 

The origin of this trend is because of Instagram. Designer trainers like the now well known Balenciaga Triple S (called this because the shoe is triple soled) have been a massive success with influencers who love nothing more than attention-seeking attire. You may be asking what makes a thicc boy? I would say that, these kicks are defined by their massive soles, thicc uppers and of course, the seemingly random coloured eighties – nineties patterns that your dad would comment, “Oh my heck, these used to be so cool!”

Why Do I love this trend?

I love this trend because I am a small boy. Simple as that…

In all seriousness, the reason I love this trend so much is because it’s a really weird one. I love being weird in general and with my clothes and this trend normalises that! Thank you fashion gods!

I only really own three pairs of sneakers that classify as part of this trend at the moment one of which I’ve already was my first article on this blog! The Adidas Prophere is probably the most underrated sneaker in my opinion (but only the silhouette colourways which can be seen above!) and if you want to hear my opinion on why it’s not only my favourite thicc boy, but my favourite shoe right now, I suggest giving the original post a read. My other two sneakers that fit this trend are my Air Max 97 Undefeateds and my CAT Intruders! I’m going to keep my reviews short as I imagine I’ll write about these at a later date in more depth!

CAT Intruder Trainers

I use these as my Co-op thicc boys at the moment, so you may think I don’t give them any love. This is incorrect, I chose the triple black colourway so that they were low maintenance and fit for any occasion (except nights out, because bouncers be like “Too Thicc”) Festival ready, pub ready. Ready for anything! I have pictured them above in all there uncleaned glory!

Airglow’s rating: 8/10 (Stones get stuck in the bottom which is annoying when walking on flat surfaces!)

Air Max 97 Olive Undefeated

These shoes are just plain epic! Absolute favourites ever! The sad thing is that my ones aren’t even real. These sneakers were released as an American exclusive making them superhard to find for a reasonable price without rape shipping prices! Therefore I asked a friend to hook me up with these. (I haven’t been called out once haha) Debatably these aren’t even Dad sneakers but I count them as they are a classic that has been revived! Great shoe great style just need a real pair one day!

Airglow’s rating: 9.5/10 (They give my blisters in trainer socks)

Thanks to listening to my ramble guys

I’m off to bed….

Airglow xo