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Hello Fellow Gamers!

Currently writing this during my flight back from Croatia. This holiday has been great and chilled me out, but I have also travelled around the country and seen some amazingly real, natural beauty. During these long bus journies (Which lasted up to 5 hours each way, oof) I have been thinking about the Airglow persona and where I want to take it as well as how I want the “brand” to be seen! As a result of this thinking, the Airglow Accumulation Instagram page is getting a fresh start!

Late 2018 and 19 has been a weird year for me! On the one hand I’ve met some amazing people, seen some epic concerts now own a campervan to travel around the country this summer and hear as much music and see as much natural beauty as possible. It’is been great! This year has also been really challenging for me though, all of my local friends are at Uni and until last week I only had one full day to go visit anyone. (Which rarely did) Not seeing anyone outside of work has nearly game-ended me, but I’m alive and kicking and ready to enjoy summer.

Why The Crack Am I Telling You All This?

During my trip to Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. (The most beautiful place I have ever visited btw) I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t being very natural online. Sure, I don’t edit my photos to ridiculous degrees like many people I know, (#noshade) but there is a fair bit of automation I’ve been using behind the scenes to try and bump up my numbers and grow.


Only my loyalist of e-friends will know that the a_i_r_g_l_o_w Instagram account used to be a trashy meme page! I lost interest in posting on it and when I came up with the idea of Airglow, I decided that the best idea was to use this same account. I had no idea how much this would affect the page’s like or follower ratio. As the page has massively dropped in following from just under 4.5k to 1.8k. Engagement went down too and I gradually starting running bots to keep the engagements constant!

 I wanna be 100% real! As of this post going live I now vow to nothing but realness! This may game-end my confidence for a short while, but this is the way I should have always been! I’m having a fresh start and I hope you’re ready to join me!


Special Thanks to…

The Natural Beauty Of Croatia

San Holo’s Instagram

and every single one of my e-friends/concert chums for your support.


Airglow xo