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What the heck is this trainer?

The Puma RS-0 Play is based on the vintage and popular RS (Running System) design which was around in the 80s. The various combinations of colours (and thicc soles) make it a great accessory to any outfit as it is playful and interesting. The streamlined design and look helps elevate one’s look, height and outfit easily. It also provides the wearer with strong support.

If you were these shoes, you are most likely a certified gamer, like myself! I say this because there was a Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr Eggman inspired collaboration with SEGA, very early in the lifecycle of this trainer’s release. PUMA also instils the spirit of retro classics such as Pac-Man, Tetris, Galaga, and Super Mario Bros in the RS-0 PLAY collection. This has not been confirmed but the resemblance in the colours used is uncanny!

I had worries about keeping the sneaker clean as all the online reviews suggested they were a pain to keep pristine, but with proper care, it can be kept in great condition and free of dirt and scuff marks, even in the UK where the rain is plentiful! I intended on only wearing these on holiday in Dubai and selling them on after, but I feel in love with them and had to keep them! 

These shoes are also incredibly comfy! However, I still don’t understand how on earth these are supposed to be running shoes!



In conclusion, these are not running shoe. The only reason you should wear these Thicc Boys is if you want to rise up like a gamer, as I did!


Airglow :3