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What a show!

At the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to be able to meet San Holo during his album one tour in London! It was definitely the best day of the year so far and I even got to meet Duumu in the crowd too!

On the 24th of August, I travelled back down to London again to watch my man perform live again. I managed to grab an even better meetup with San Holo, Taska Black, Sem, Arizsi, Duskus, Duskus’ Family and even more amazing Bitbirds! (I can’t believe it either!)

After travelling around 6 hours on the train due to line closures and travelling through my greatest fear, the tube, I was able to make the journey to Clapham Common for the SW4 festival. Once I was there, I just needed to find fellow BritBirds (British Bitbird followers) to hang out with! An one by one I ventured around finding as many as I could.

As Duskus and Taska Black came to the mainstage, an army of Orange San Holo tees and Bitbird merch rushed up to the barrier. All were starting to sing to any songs we knew the lyrics to as well have an absolute rave to the tunes we all knew and loved! Duska Black’s set was one of the best sets of the day, but because they were playing together, it went by way too fast. I guess they will have to play in the UK again sometime soon.

Slushii was also playing a set with Ookay, which was my favourite of the indoor sets by far! I actually hurt my neck headbanging so hard! So much so that it hasn’t even fully recovered to this day! The highlight of their set was the unreleased track, “Watch yo back” being played. This was released the following week on Monstercat, and it was amazing to be able to listen to this through my own headphones that soon! Also, Ookay’s Lighthouse VIP is one of the greatest things to ever exist ever! (Don’t @ me)

As soon as the Slush had melted, we ran over to meet San where we had arranged to meet up… which he was late for! During this time, I did get to speak to Arizsi, Taska Black and Sem, who we all fantastic. Very humble, honest, real and friendly. Making jokes and talking to your music idols is an experience that you really. San arrived who blessed my day with a bottle of water. (Not Fiji unfortunately) The Bitbird crew signed my legendry bucket hat, we had a group photo and left the artists in peace!


The Man, The San, The Legend!

The time had arrived, the moment I had travelled 6 hours for! San’s set!
The orange river trickled it’s way to the near front of the crowd again ready for the show to begin! I was continually being asked questions about how we all had the same t-shirt. Why our tees all had a duck on and who San Holo even was! The set was great, nowhere near as great as the Hangar set in March, but still amazing! I mean, we did get to hear San’s humour in this set as San Holo bop and singing to Big Shaq’s “Man’s Not Hot” was indeed a sight to behold. (I also have it recorded, which I am very proud about! DM me on Insta and I’ll send it you!)

In the crowd for San’s concert, I also bumped into all of Duskus’ Family, which was very cool indeed! However, I really need to apologies to them all! I can’t believe I didn’t get you guys to sign the legendary bucket hat! If you guys are photographing again in the UK (maybe London with San), I defo need to find you!!!

Yeah so SW4 was a dream! This article doesn’t quite qualify as music and merch considering there was no merch so yeah…

I have nothing else to say other than see all you Britbirds in December in London for San’s show!

Hella Love!