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Big Up Monstercat Uncaged!


I’ve been a Monstercat fan since I was 13 and it’s always been a big part of my life! Monstercat was there when I was struggling at boarding school, pushing everyone away at college and with me now every time I drive to… anywhere! The point is I’m a huge fan for the label and everything they do. I love how they support once tiny artists like Duumu and Cloudnone, how they’ve released records with big names like Eptic and Slushii. Even their merch is creative and fun! So as you can imagine seeing them in the UK was one of my biggest hopes. 

On the 18th of October, my dream became a reality!

Going Quantum, Protostar, Mazare, Gammer, Slander and of course Seven Lions, a pretty legendary lineup for Monstercat’s debut UK showing! Every single artist absolutely rocked and I’ma tell you all why! (in my totally unbiased opinion).

As the community meetup manager, it was my responsibility to organise the fan meetup at the start of the event… which I couldn’t even make because of problems with the underground! The lines happened to reopen in time to allow us to just about make the start of Going Quantum’s set. I’m grateful that I got this offer, but the stars (or should I tubes) didn’t align!

Speaking of Going Quantum, his set was easily the greatest in my opinion. However, this is definitely in my opinion, the crowd was constantly being bombarded by Monstercat hits, which was exactly what I travelled all the way down to London to hear. There was this guy wearing a Kuuro T-shirt and I went up to him like, “Bruh, you got the wrong event, Kuuro was in Amsterdam last night!” and legit seconds after I said that GQ drops “100 Cuts” by them…

I don’t know how you knew, but you knew!

(Also Drum and Bass crab rave is the best thing in the history of anything, don’t @ me!)

Protostar is a living legend and his set was golden. My back may have been game-ended halfway through his set, but I’m a trooper and carried on anyway! Many DnB bops were played, many of which I had personally never heard of, but I loved it, every second of it! On a side note, although I never actually met Protostar at the Venue, he’s one of the realest artists I’ve had the pleasure to message on Insta and I love it.

After Protostar’s set, I’m not gonna lie, the rest of the night was a bit of a blur… So much so that I’m not evening going to write about it. I can only really properly remember standing on the balcony edge filming and bopping to Slander’s Monstercat Uncaged releases! 

Me and the boys at 3 am, looking for artists…

However, as per usual, the music wasn’t the only thing that happened, because artists were there too! So I wanted to travel around and find as many of them as I could! I managed to get an epic, but pretty quick meet and greet with Rogue (who wasn’t performing) and Going Quantum (who I mentioned before) they both put up with slightly intoxicated me extremely well and I’ve added their photos to my artist scrapbook, (Which has grown surprisingly fast this year!)

The Monstercat fans at the event were also amazing to chat to during the event, seeing all the UK fans being able to meet artists and just talk about the music label they follow is truly an amazing thing, I spent so much time in the smoking area just talking to fans about how long they’ve been following the label, there favourite Monstercat artist and favourite songs! I met many new amazing friends that I’ve kept in contact with and will hopefully travel to other music events with too! You guys know who you are, but special shoutout to Jordan for getting the thumbnail for this post!

And Rogue even follows me on Instagram now!

Wanted to expand on this amazing part of my life a whole lot more but November is turning out to be a pretty busy month and I really wanted to get this post out ASAP! Hope you can all forgive me, maybe I’ll continue to add to this or something who knows…

With love, Airglow xo