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To celebrate the end of the decade and because this has basically a music blog now. I wanted to write a quick post on what the Top 10 Tracks of the 2010’s are! Most people will not agree with me but that’s okay. The only rules with this list are that the music has to have been released in 2010 or later and there can be only one song per artist in the list! I’ve also made Youtube Music playlist for anyone who fancies a listen, complete with some honourable mentions!


  • Contra – Pixel Terror – Monstercat X Rocket League Vol.4 – 2018

New artist on Monstercat is always interesting and I always make sure to give any new artists a listen! This track was released the week I had just started a new job so the fact that I made time for it shows just how much I loved it!

The Highlight of this electro song is definitely the first drop and the electro bass used, it gets me every single time! However, the second drop also hits you in the feels with the slower beat and slowed down melody! The lyrics are pretty bomb too!

  • Melatonin – Soupandreas – Single -2017

Released on January 18, 2017, I wasn’t a fan of this track at all when it first released. However, it has really grown on me since I started relistening to older Monstercat albums, so much so that I have placed it on this list!

Very little is known about this artist, which makes him very interesting indeed! It’s a Neuro-step track based off of the melatonin hormone. Melatonin is used to make people sleep easier and have a better quality of sleep and in my opinion, this song replicates the feelings of an insomniac trying to fall asleep. There are quiet, peaceful parts of the song which could symbolise a peaceful sleep.

However, there are then very hard, varied drops to the song which could signify waking up in the night or being kept awake by dreams? Who knows, all I know is that this is a very unique track and I really love it.

  • Airglow – Laszlo – Single/Liftoff LP – 2016/2018

The song I aliased myself had to be here, this is another song I really don’t know how to explain why I like it, but I still love it! At the time of it’s release, this was a Laszlo song that didn’t sound like a Laszlo song. Previous works like Closer EP and Interstellar were either very chilled out or very Housey. So when this Vaporwave inspired House tune was released I think it really caught me off guard and prepared for what Laszlo could create!

2 years later we got an amazing album! A Youtube comment on the Monstercat Video stated, “Laszlo’s musical aesthetic is something mankind has never seen before” I couldn’t agree more!

  • The Schism – Haywyre – Two Fold PT.1 – 2014

This song was literally the song that got me listening to the music I do now! I had to put it on this list somewhere! A Haywyre release is always a good release, the fusion of synths, guitars and keyboard makes a pretty amazing track. To be honest I don’t have many words to describe this track, or why I like it, but I just really like it! I was very disappointed that I didn’t manage to see Haywyre this year, but hopefully, the chance will come again sometime…

  •   Touch (feat. Catherine Wong) – Deon Custom – Single – 2018

I wanted to sneak some underrated gems into this list and this track is definitely that! Deon Custom creates very very unique sounds, be that on his old Monstercat release or even his newer Bitbird ones. I always get excited for a Deon Custom release, no matter where it’s released!

This track is extra special because it starts with a pretty fast-paced future bass drop, takes a lyrical break before ending with a chilled musical ending… In fact, I don’t even know how to explain it. Why don’t you do that and let me know how to do so in the DMs or something…

  • Wishes – Grant – Wishes EP- 2019

Grant’s Wishes is just magic, First heard as a demo at EDC 2017, the track tragically remained unreleased due to file corruption problems on Grant’s computer. The post he put out when he managed to fix the problem after 2 years of trying was very genuine and I was very excited to hear what he titles, “The best track I’ve ever made”

This track doesn’t disappoint, the lyrics are beautiful, the drop, after a 2-minute build is pure magic! I just really love this song and how much it means to Grant. (Close contender was Contagious, which I love for completely different reasons!)

  • Everything Matters (When It Comes To You) – San Holo – Album 1 – 2018

Album 1 Itself wins album of the decade in my books. (I know it’s not before 2015, don’t @ me) But the opening track has to be the best song on the album in my books! Everything Matters mixes acoustic instruments with EDM to create San’s iconic sounds he is now known for. As the Album 1 tour show opener, I feel that may have had a lot to do with why this song sticks with me so much!

Thank you to San for being a catalyst for the growth of my Airglow Accumulation blog this year! This album and more specifically this track in particular really has raised my Blessed Percent! (Currently at 97% writing this on Christmas Day!)

  • (I’m Here) ここにいる (feat. Rionos) – Aiobahn – Single -2019

I was incredibly late to the party of this one and didn’t discover this track until the remix pack for the track was released, but OH MY GOD! This is one beautiful song. Even though the lyrics are entirely Japanese, which I don’t speak, I still know every single one (I’m not a weeb, shut up!)

Aiobahn’s 2019 has been full of wholesome songs with epic drops and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has to offer for him! (The Everything Matters Remix was also very close to taking this spot but I felt it came out too late this year to be eligible for this list!

  • Echo (feat. Keepsake) – WRLD – Chase It EP – 2015

Omg, this song! It hits me right in the feels everytime! This song wins the best future bass song of all time awards in my book! Releasing just after I left boarding school after not getting the grades I needed to stay, this song makes me think of that period of my life where I really didn’t think I was good enough and was very alone. Thankfully I’m in a better place now, but I do still listen to this song now and again, just because I know every single word! Also, the drop is very very powerful just because of how much this song means to me! (Orbit was also very close to taking this spot!)

  • Blinded – Duumu – Talk EP -2019

Blinded, in my opinion, is the most interesting song the Charlie has released so far as it completely breaks the mould of all other Duumu releases whilst going much harder too! Me and my bros also associate this song to starting up rocket league, because of this song is at the top of my gaming playlist and hasn’t budged since it’s release! The lyrics are great, the drop is great, but also very creative, (Which I have come to expect from Duumu) and I have good memories with the track, hence why I wanted to put it on this list why