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What Is An Airglow?

My name is George Beard (Airglow)

I’m guessing you came here because you want to learn more about me. Although I’m not the best at talking about myself, I did create an “About Me” page of my website, so I better give it a go!

I would call myself a creator, not just because I have created this website either! I enjoy doodling, (not that I think I’m particularly good at it) writing and just thinking differently! One of my favourite past times is sitting at my desk, looking up at my pinboard and just drawing whatever comes to mind…

I’m also a strong lover of music! I’m a passionate follower of the Canadian music label Monstercat. They release 4 or more singles a week, tour around the world and home some of my favourite music artists such as Tristam, Rootkit and WRLD! I have been one of Monstercat’s biggest fans and one day I really hope to work with them, but I’m not sure if or in what area I will!

Airglow is also a big nerd! I really enjoy playing video games. However, my two favourite games are both over 10 years old! They consist of the first person shooter Team Fortress 2 (TF2) and Mariokart Wii! I’ll keep my reasonings short but these games both have fantastic communities! Nintendo shut down Mariokart’s wifi servers down, so the community made custom servers in order to keep the game alive! Tf2’s updates (as rare as they are now) nearly always have items created by the community, as well as the voice chat feature in public servers which lets player chat about anything they like during games. I have made so many online friends just chatting in public servers!

Considering that this is supposed to be a fashion blog, I should probably mention clothes at some point! I really enjoy being bold with what I wear, therefore what I wear one day can be the complete opposite of what I wear the next day. It could be a shirt and chinos one day and the next day NMD’s and Dungarees! Also, some people say I have too many shoes, quite frankly I don’t know what they’re on about, my shoes only fill my entire bookcase and the space underneath my bed!