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Pokemon is a Trading Card Game with ever-changing formats and strategies! In this section of the website I will be discuss what I have found to be effective with my deckbuilding strategies as well as what I need to improve on!

Social Distancing – How to still enjoy the Pokemon TCG

With the effects of Covid-19 cancelling events all around the world, I decided it's time to write about how you can still play, practice and improve your game. If you cannot compete at Pokemon League, how can you expect to become a better and more experienced player?...

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Will Ultra Beasts Return To The Pokemon TCG?

Ultra Beasts? The Sun and Moon block is over and Sword & Shield Cards are already here! GX cards are no longer being printed and are replaced with incredibly strong V-cards. (Tee Hee) However, another card type looks to not be getting any new additions in the

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The 2020 Pokemon TCG Rotation: My Predictions

The 2020 Pokemon TCG Rotation may be the most difficult yet to predict! As all Play Pokemon events in 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid-19 meaning the Ultra Prism to Sword and Shield Standard format has been abandoned! The biggest question on many players minds is...

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Zacian V and Zamazenta V Tins, Will They Affect The Prices?

The Legends of Galar tins, which feature reprints of Sword and Shield Base Set Zacian V and Zamazenta V, and are to be released on 22nd of May, 2020. This is huge as Zacian V is currently one of the most expensive cards in the game and is played in a wide variety of...

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