Product Reviews

What do I recommend?  What’s comfy?  What looks good with what? 

I review chosen products here so you don’t have to go searching for recommendations!

Supporting Small Creators

What Small brands am I supporting and should you be looking out for them too!

Music & Merch

There is nothing I enjoy more than travelling around with friends and meeting my favourite artists. In this series, I talk about meeting some of my favourite music artists and review and style  their merch!

All The Time Is Gamer Time...

Also a community figure in the game Team Fortress 2, check me out on Youtube! (Only if you want to of course)

New Year Ultraboosts

Just wanted to create a short friendly post this time instead of an essay!  January 2019 has been a month of recovering from Christmas illness, getting back into the flow of work and starting back at the gym! I already have a premium Adidas running kit, so this didn’t...

Music & Merch // Monstercat

As a long time follower of the Canadian music group Monstercat, I have accumulated lots of Monstercat merch over the years. Although it was mostly as a poor teenager, I have continued wearing my merch and adding to my collection over the years. I have even added the...

Yeezy Powerphase Opinion

Even though these simple looking black trainers are around a year old now and don’t look to be getting a re-release I would definitely recommend getting a pair as they are a generic, yet weird unique style.

Music & Merch // EDEN

The Black Friday weekend was very epic indeed. I did a bit of travelling around the country to see all my uni friends and get ahead of my Christmas shopping. Starting with a big night out in Cardiff with my ex-school buddies. That night itself already made the...

Me & My Prophere

When the Adidas Prophere first came out, I wasn't too sure how to feel. I loved the weird shaped chunky midsoles, the interesting colourways, However, the absence of BOOST Technology, although showing Adidas breaking the mould, made me think was the £90 price tag...