Music & Merch

There is nothing I enjoy more than travelling around with friends and meeting my favourite artists. In this series, I talk about meeting some of my favourite music artists and review and style  their merch!

Product Reviews

What do I recommend?  What’s comfy?  What looks good with what? 

I review chosen products here so you don’t have to go searching for recommendations!

Supporting Small Creators

What Small brands am I supporting and should you be looking out for them too!

All The Time Is Gamer Time...

The Pokemon TCG, TF2 and many more games! Clothes are for Depop, everything else goes on eBay!

Update: Youtube

I've been very quiet on the blog lately, this is because I've spent the last 3 weeks working on the Airglow channel which will focus on both Fashion and Gaming content in one place. This may seem like an interesting decision to some people but I have full confidence...

Ramble About Triple Black Huraches

Here's a quick little review of the Nike Huaraches! Quick confession, I don't currently own a pair of these! I have however been searching Depop weekly far and wide for a new pair at the right price. The Huaraches were released in 1991 and were originally designed by...

The Airglow White Retro Sneaker Pick

White sneakers are a wardrobe essential, they are easy to find, wear and make a statement as well! The interesting thing about white sneakers is that they go with just about anything in your closet and this means you can build up any outfit you want and still have...