The 2020 Pokemon TCG Rotation may be the most difficult yet to predict! As all Play Pokemon events in 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid-19 meaning the Ultra Prism to Sword and Shield Standard format has been abandoned! The biggest question on many players minds is what will the format be for the 2020-2021 season? 

For those who are not aware, we have a rotation once every year! The oldest 3-5 sets that are in the Standard format are made no longer legal at around the time of the world championships. (Normally August or September to be specific) This keeps the game fresh, encourages new strategies and normally forces players to find new combinations of cards to build optimum decks with! 

Because of the cancellation of events, what will the rotation in 2020 be? Will it be Team Up onwards like many players were expecting? Will it stay Ultra Prism on? Let’s discuss that!

Team Up Onwards

Before the effects on Covid-19 many players were expecting a Team Up on format. The main reason for this being that Team Up was the set that introduced us to the TAG TEAM GX Pokemon! Rotating from this set would keep every single TAG TEAM in the format, but rotate everything else before them, including all Prism Star cards…

…well actually Team Up Featured 4 Prism Star cards from the Japanese set: Dark Order (強化拡張パック ダークオーダ) that was released too late to make it into Lost Thunder.

The fact that cards such as the Jirachi and Hoopa-GX from Team Up have a Letter Mark B in their Japanese Cards could indicate that they were intended to rotate this year. But will be kept in the format due to them being printed outside of Japan in Team Up. It is very rare for the Pokemon company to rotate part of a set out. However, if they were to the 4 Prism Star cards would be the most likely cards to be part rotated!

Ultra Prism Onwards

 As we are now unable to play the remainder of the season, many players are wondering whether we will see no rotation this year! Personally, I would love to see this as I was really enjoying playing Blacephalon based decks before tournaments were cancelled. (Losing Fiery Flint would really hurt the deck, but maybe it will still be playable with Giant Hearth) Although I think this could be possible, I think it would create more problems next rotation than it would solve this year! Let me quickly explain…

If we didn’t rotate this year great! Cards from Ultra Prism to Lost Thunder that people have bought this year wouldn’t lose all their value and some players wouldn’t feel cheated. Playable cards would also be cheaper, as there would be more decks that were viable to choose from due to the fact that a greater amount of cards would be legal in the format!

However, the 2021 rotation would be a double rotation, wiping out all 8 Sun & Moon sets! This would definitely shake up the game for sure. However, it would make it super hard for players to sell any Sun & Moon cards to be able to afford cards from later Sword & Shield sets! 

My Thoughts

The rotation this year, I believe, could be three formats, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

TEAM UP ONWARDS: 80% Likeliness as it follows the regular rotation patterns

ULTRA PRISM ONWARDS: 15% Likeliness as it allows players to use cards they can’t use the rest of the format.

LOST THUNDER ONWARDS: 5% Likeliness as it’s the perfect balance between the two!

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