Ultra Beasts?

The Sun and Moon block is over and Sword & Shield Cards are already here! GX cards are no longer being printed and are replaced with incredibly strong V-cards. (Tee Hee) However, another card type looks to not be getting any new additions in the Sword & Shield block of sets.

The Ultra Beasts, both GX and Non-GX variants have been an interesting addition to the Pokemon TCG due to the way that they interact with prize cards. My favourite example of this has to be the Blacephalon from Cosmic Eclipse that can drop 12 damage counters as long as your opponent has 3 prize cards left! Many of the Ultra Beasts become great if they are benched at the perfect time. For example, Malamar players normally play a single Blacephalon so that they can drop it on that 3 prizes remaining turn and do insane bench damage and this can even be combined with spell tags!

Will They Return In The Later Sword & Shield Sets?

I’m not too sure, on the one hand, I could see them making a return later down the line, it’s very rare that the Pokemon Company stops printing cards of a specific pokemon! Even the baby pokemon came back in the last few tag-team sets! Therefore, I think that the ultra beasts will make a comeback at some point! However, I don’t think it will be for another year or two!

(Praying for Blacephalon V though…)

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